About Us


We are a foreign investment company known as PMA (Penanaman Modal Asing), established on 17th November 2000, owned by a Singaporean together with a local Indonesian.

We are specialized in Automotive, Commercial, Industrial, Marine Lubricants, Grease and Rust Inhibitors. We are able to provide specifications, Certificate of analysis, Safety data sheet, technical support and laboratory test.

We are the main Distributor for TEXAS Lubricants and main dealers for brands like SHELL, CASTROL, CALTEX, TOTAL, EXXONMOBIL, KENDEX OCTG, EPE AND KINGZONE.

With our motto, Your reliable lube oil partner, you can rely on us for your lube oils needs.

We strongly believe that "quality of products and services are our utmost commitment" to our customer. Hence we always set a higher standard for our lubricant products, especially with regards to environmental responsibilities.