Texas Automotive Lubricants

Texas Lubricants’ engine oil, gear oil, transmission and brake fluid are specially developed, tested and proven to increase fuel economy and extend engine life. Our premium engine oil products protect a wide range of gasoline and diesel vehicles.

Texas Automotive Lubricant Products

  • ATF DIII-H is a premium automatic transmission fluid, made from blends of superior quality base stocks and carefully selected additives to provide trouble-free, long service life. Read More
  • Brake Fluid Dot 3 is suitable for use in both disc and drum type brake systems, engineered for that critical link between the brake pedal and the brakes. Read More
  • Galaxy Power engine oil is a premium motor oil designed to lubricate today’s gasoline fueled passenger cars and light duty truck engines. Read More
  • Geartra EPX Gear Oil is an extreme-pressure (EP) automotive hypoid gear oil, designed to exceed the latest performance standards for heavy duty, severe services. Read More
  • Power Plus is a multi-grade engine oil primarily intended for petrol engines, but it is equally suitable for most diesel engines of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. Read More
  • Titaniumis developed to cover the most stringent requirements of both gasoline and diesel engines. Read More
  • Titanium Syn is particularly suited to turbo charged and multi-valve engines. Read More
  • Triton CH4 are premium high performance multi-grade diesel engine lubricants recommended for general to heavy equipment industrial application. Read More
  • Triton SX5 CF4 are high quality, versatile (diesel and gasoline) multi-grade engine oils designed for use in high performance turbo and non-turbo charged heavy duty trucks, van and passenger car engines. Read More
  • Ultra Triton is a new generation, premium heavy-duty oil recommended for engines fueled by diesel or gasoline. Read More
  • XDS CD is a high quality mono-grade diesel engine oils that deliver value through their excellent anti-wear properties and protection against thermal breakdown. Read More

Texas Petrochemical Asia Pacific Pte Ltd is certified to ISO 9001. The certification is based on a demonstration of total commitment to quality, and gives our customers assurance that we have effective processes in place that are being continuously audited by internal auditors and monitored by an external independent assessment body.